5 easy to do exercises before starting your business

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A lot of people today want to start up their own business, some because they want to be their own boss and others for the challenge. So they decide its time, I will start my own business. But when it comes down to many don’t know what they want to do. Here are 5 exercises to help you find your passion and what type of business should be opening.

Exercise 1: Revisit your childhood. What did you love to do?
Ask yourself this question. What did I love to do when I was a child? Perhaps you loved to cook, maybe it was building with blocks. Make yourself a list of things you loved when you were a child (maybe you still do some of the things now). Then ask yourself, how can those past experiences shape your career choice now?

Exercise 2: Make a “creativity board”
Grab a piece of paper or go bigger and grab some poster paper, and something to write with. Write down “New Business.” Under that write down sayings, inspirational quotes, poems, images etc. The reason for this exercise is to show you on who you want to be. When you become more focused on this you will realize what you are missing and you will find ways to fill the in the blanks and recognize your vision.

Exercise 3: Make a list of people who are where you want to be
Make your list, or post images on a piece of paper of people you want to be like. Research how they got there and what were their reasons to achieving their success.

Exercise 4: Start doing what you Love, Even without a Business Plan
You don’t need a business plan to start what you love to do. Just start doing it. Then you can get some feedback and start building your business network. After you have that you can start with your business plan, but for now just do what you love to do.

Exercise 5: Take a break from business thinking.

Take a mental break. You don’t want to over work those gears. Go for a walk, do some gardening, knitting whatever it may be just take a break. When you come back from your break make a journal for business ideas. You won’t believe how many ideas you will have after taking a break.

Well I hope these exercises have helped you in starting up your own business. Thank you for reading and good luck with your new business. For more business information please visit us online at mediaintegration.biz.

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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