Attract New Customers with Eye-catching Signs and Banners

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In addition to traditional forms of advertising such as television, radio, and newspaper ads, new business owners can now market their products and/or services on the internet. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can help them gain a competitive advantage in their market. But they should always begin with the oldest, most affordable, and arguably the most effective form of advertising before they invest in secondary marketing methods. We are speaking of course about signage.

According to a recent survey, on-premises signs and banners are the most common reason new customers visit an establishment. About half of a startup business’ new customers were attracted by signage they saw while driving or walking by. Signs and banners are also more cost effective than any other advertising medium, at just 2 cents per one thousand views. Compare that with the $2.81 for newspaper ads and the $9.82 it costs for television spots per one thousand views.

Why small businesses need them

Research indicates that 85 percent of your customers work or live within five miles of your store. Most are folks who pass by your business every day. As we mentioned, about half of them stop in for the first time because they saw a banner or a sign. We even know how much signage can improve your sales revenue.

Depending on the type of sign that is installed, double digit increases in sales revenue are not at all uncommon. In recent studies, a large pole sign led to a sales increase of 15.6 percent, which is not surprising since pole signs are more visible that street-level signage and thusly research a wider audience. But in the very same study, merely replacing your old storefront sign with a bigger one resulted in a sales revenue increase of 7.7 percent. In other words, any improvement, whether it be adding or simply replacing signs or banners should inure to your benefit.

What kind of sign should you buy?

It really does depend on your location. If your business is in a small town, it would not be necessary or even possible to put up a pole sign that towers over the area. Passersby will easily be about to identify your establishment with a simple, eye-catching storefront sign hung over the entrance of your establishment.

If your business is located in a residential area, freestanding monument signs are highly effective at attracting attention or simply alerting drivers and passersby of your presence. These are the signs you often see outside of office buildings, near the street. They are used because office buildings in residential areas are often located some distance from the street, so putting up a sign on an edifice that drivers could identify is not feasible.

When your businesses is located on a highway, freeway, or expressway, motorists that are traveling at high speeds in multiple lanes may not be able to spot a monument or storefront sign from the road. Therefore, a sign or banner that is attached to a pole and raised into the sky is often the most appropriate choice. These elevated signs can be seen for several hundred feet and will give potential customers the time the need to switch lanes and slow down enough to enter your establishment.

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