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Author: Victor

When you consider the purchaser of an ebook how do you imagine them? Are they sitting at home late at night searching for information or sitting in an airport browsing the web from their phone? Can you can draw certain conclusions about your potential customer, conclusions that will help you understand their wants and needs and help you figure out how to satisfy their desires.

Just from the above mentioned examples you will note that your potential customer is not browsing a library or book store for information.

If you are trying to beat a library or a book store and see them as competition you have missed your mark.

From this new perspective you understand that your potential buyer is A. Busy and B. Capable of downloading information from the web in many formats.

You can also assume that because they are considering purchasing information from the web that have some disposable income.

Knowing this at the start of creating an ebook package may help you in reaping more profits by supplying more of what your customer wants.

Busy people who are on the go look for solutions that fit their hectic lifestyles. How much more valuable would it be for the late night web surfer if you could provide an audio version of the information you are providing so they can shut their laptop and learn about it from the comfort of their bed? How to could you better serve the man or woman stuck in an airport running from gate to gate if you could provide for them and audio book they could listen to with their .mp3 player while on the run?

Imagine how offering this group of people a sample of the audio could clinch the deal!

Creating a complementary audio version of ebook you are offering lends credibility to the original ebook, much the same way a movie about a book boost the sales of a traditional novel.

By adding an audio version of your ebook the benefits’ are then two fold. The audio exposes the eBook to a wider audience (those that don’t have time or like to read) while also simply bolstering the eBooks status by having it.

Turning an ebook into an audio ebook is easy and can be accomplished with a fairly inexpensively with a microphone and some open source recording and editing software.

Simply turn on the microphone and read the ebook yourself and then later edit out the mistakes.

There are many professional looking SWF (First meaning “Shockwave Flash”, but later changed to “Small Web Format” ) players to play audio samples which you can be easily add to any HTML, ( Hyper Text Markup Language) sales page so there is no reason to fear the process.

Although it may take a little more time to get your ebook to market the benefits’ of more sales at higher prices will more than offset the investment.

About the Author

Victor Chuma is a professional internet marketer that enjoys helping small busines succeed online through the use of internet marketing

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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