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In order for your business to rank well on search engines you need to create lots of remarkable content. What do I mean by remarkable content? no I don’t mean the kind of content that puts a smile on your mothers face. When I say remarkable I mean, your content needs to capture your readers attention and then make them want to leave a comment, hence remarkable content. The best way to create tons of content is to start a blog for your business. Stats have shown that businesses that blog tend to do better.

Blogging makes sense for many businesses for many  reasons. By creating a blog you are transforming your site from a brochure style website into a resource center for your clients and prospects. Think about this for a second, if you are creating tons of content on a regular scheduled basis what you are really doing is making door ways for you prospects to find you when they are searching for your product or service online. The more articles you produce the more  search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo will index your pages giving your website more authority online. In other words, more articles equals the more chances you have of showing up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for dozens of keywords.

If that weren’t reason enough to start blogging here is yet another reason to start. Your blog gives your potential customers a way to engage with you versus being hit with a premature sales pitch. You are creating a new way to converse with your audience and by conversing with your audience via blog you are building stronger trust over time so that when you actually talk to them about your product or service offerings they’re prepared for your offerings.

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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