How to create a successful online profile (Part 1)

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I was recently asked how to create a winning profile on LinkedIn by a client. I thought this was a great question and decided to write a series of posts based on this question. Welcome to part 1 of 3 series of how to create a successful online profile. I hope you enjoy and please comment below, I love feedback! Every social network available online have one common trait. They all ask you to create a profile in order to use the service. The profile will often consist of your username, avatar image, bio/summary, and links. It is recommended to spend time building your profile, why because people like to view them to find out more about you. Especially those that want to deal with you in one form or another. Now let’s get into some of the basics, picking a username. For many social media sites such as Linkedin or Facebook you should not invent a new username you should be accessing the site as yourself. In fact, creating a pretend persona on these sites is a direct violation of the terms and service of these sites and you will most likely be kicked off the platform for this. That being said, not all social networks are equal. Sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Twitter allow you to create any username you want. Depending on your goals creating a crazy made up name might make sense for you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing usernames.

  1. If possible use your real name for your username. For example mine is @MI_Media for my primary business twitter account.
  2. Keep your username simple and avoid using tricks like using the number 3 as a backwards E
  3. Don’t include numerals in your username, it make it look spammy
  4. Pick a name that is available on all major social networks. Consistency is the key!

Tomorrow part 2 of 3 Picking your profile image

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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