How to create a successful online profile (Part 2)

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Hello and welcome to part 2 of a 3 part series around how to create a successful online profile. For those of you who missed part 1 pleasefollow this link and catch up. In this article we will be looking at picking an online profile image or avatar. Now this topic may seem like a no brainer to some of you reading this but I bet there are many of you that are new to the world of internet marketing that could use a little advice. So for all the advanced users what I ask of you is to comment below any suggestions, tips or whatever to help our newbies. After all that is what this blog is all about. Now, getting back to the article. A profile image is very important to use and here is why, whenever you make a comment, share an image or any other contribution your profile image will appear along with your contribution. This is your personal stamp that is attached to what ever you are supplying/sharing; your profile image lets your audience know that the information is coming directly from you. If you think about this concept in the offline world your profile image works much the same way as your logo. Your profile image is your online identity. I am going to assume you are a professional person therefore you should try to pick a photograph of yourself that is proper and presentable to your audience. Now I am not saying you have to be in a full business suit and look like you just came from a professional photo studio unless that is the image you want to portray. All I am trying to get across is make sure the picture isn’t of you at new years with that old lamp shade on your head. If you are setting up an social media account for your business use your logo or some variation of your logo. Remember this is still about branding. Your profile will be an extension of your business so keep your brand consistent. Join me tomorrow for part 3 of this 3 part series. I will be discussing your bio/summary in the next article. Till then take care my fans and be consistent.

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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