How to Promote YouTube Videos Without Paying

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How to Promote Videos Without Paying

Paying to promote your YouTube Video and/or channel via paid ads is not the only way to get your video(s) out to the public. The truth is you can take your video and grow your business without paying a dime. But, It does take a lot of extra work and time to accomplish it. However, the long term benefits for you may out way the work load.

So let’s get started.

How to Promote Videos Without Paying Method 1:

The first topic we will review is in regard to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your YouTube channel comes loaded with opportunity to optimize the account to the keywords that matter most to your business. 

First we start with the basics… 

Choose the correct category for your channel, and then add your contact details. Make sure to provide information to every single question asked during the account setup. Once this is done, you will need to apply the following advance optimization techniques listed below.

  1. Establish your brand identity early. When you start launching more and more videos these videos will eventually end up ranked somewhere on search engines. With your brand well established on your channel and videos people will over time recognize your content from the rest. 
  2. Write a channel description: This is a perfect opportunity to add your keywords to the mix. This option not only tells YouTube who you are and what you do, but it also infuses personality into your channel.
  3. Upload a channel trailer: Just like the movie trailer for an upcoming feature, your business should have a short 30 second clip of what your business is all about.  Make one that is attention grabbing and full of your brands personality. [Just a side note here, Media Integration offers a FREE 30 SECOND PROMOTION VIDEO, click here to preview our offer]
  4. Optimized video titles + descriptions: Google loves videos, adding your keywords to your titles and video descriptions will help Google properly index your video on the search engine.
  5. TAG, TAG, TAG and did I mention Tag? Tags make your videos more accessible on YouTube search engine.

How to Promote Videos Without Paying Method 2:
Alert Your Email List + Social Media

You have an email list, right? Think about it, how many network events have you attended and grabbed a handful of business cards? How many people do you talk to during the day that can possible benefit from your product or service? How about your current customers or prospects? The point is even if you have a email database of 10 people, that is 10 people that you can send your video to help further promote your business.

Keep in mind, YouTube isn’t a build it and leave it kind of thing. You have to spend the time brainstorming new ideas, filming, editing and perfecting your videos. It makes sense that you should then also actively promote them. The answer here is to CROSS PROMOTE! When you launch a new video share it on social media and email it to your entire list. Help your audience find you quickly when you publish your new content by adding YouTube follow buttons to your website and in your email newsletters.

How to Promote Videos Without Paying Method 3:
And Finally, Promote Some More

Here’s the thing, promoting your YouTube channel or your videos or generally anything without spending any money takes an incredible amount of work over and above the important work you have to accomplish. If you have an established team at your disposal the work load does become a little easier, provided that the learning curve isn’t to great on the team. Now what if you are a solo entrepreneur? Wearing to many hats at once will greatly slow down your business growth. These are the things to consider when trying to tackle this on your own. 

Additional Methods of How to promote videos without paying

  • Add your YouTube channel link to your email signature.
  • You can use videos as lead magnets.
  • You can leverage calls-to-action to send people to your videos.
  • Post on KIJIJI, Craig’s List, Free Local Directories
  • Add your channel links to your brochures, flyers, posters, business cards,
  • make it easy for mobile customers and prospects to access your content through QR Codes.

The more paths that lead to your YouTube channel, the more “Free Traffic” you’ll get. And that’s the goal here

isn’t it?

These are just a few of the ways you can promote your video without spending a dime. The key point to take away from this article, you can promote your videos without spending any money but it does take a lot of work and time. That’s the downside, but the upside is that once the work is done it will forever remain online thus creating multiple links back to your video.

I hope you found this article useful. Please leave your constructive comments below I would love to hear from you. But if you are going to comment please be polite, respectful and most importantly helpful. 

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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