How to turn goal setting into goal achieving

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Author: Andrew Horton

2013 is fast approaching, are you willing to unleash the creative power of your dreams and allow them to project the kind of business you want to have and the quality of life you want to lead. Now is the time to create a positive mind-set, where you orient yourself to constantly be on the lookout for fortuitous situations or circumstances. It is extremely difficult to identify opportunities, when you are not looking for them and impossible, if you do not believe in yourself, your abilities and the potential that any opportunity offers.

Stop making any more excuses about delaying taking the action you know you need to take to live your dreams? Become enthusiastic about your potential today and create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve in your life and business in the future. This vision will serve as the starting point to begin setting meaningful goals and creating an action plan to make just that possible for you, during next year and beyond.

Everything starts out as only a Dream

Anything outstanding that has ever been achieved started out as only a dream, an idea in someone’s head. You too can create wonders with your dreams and hopes, if you commit to nourish them, by investing in your personal growth and that of your key team members. You protect them by creating a set of realistic goals for your business and you commit to nurse these goals to fruition, by building meaningful action lists, which are consistently acted upon daily.

What is Possible for you?

The size and scope of your dreams determines what you can achieve and permits you to preview what could be. Clarity of purpose coupled with consistent, planned and focused action by all team members in your business, allows you to convert this probability, into possibility and finally your new business reality. Dare to dream, create a vision and goals to deliver on your dreams and you will get to create the business of your dreams.


All the super achievers and extraordinary businesses, which I have followed and researched, do not possess any special super powers, or unique talents. The one thing that I have noticed they do have in common is a very clear vision about what they want to achieve in the future. This vision is written down and converted into an easy to understand and apply mission, which they and their team can act upon daily.

Action Idea: Explore your vision and mission for your business. Once you have clarity on exactly what you want to create in your business, ensure that everyone in your organisation understands your vision and their role required to deliver on your vision.

Clearly Understand and Communicate your Businesses Picture of Possibility

Vision is a picture of possibility for the future, a direction the organisation is going to travel in. So it is of little value to write out a difficult to understand vision statement, which is plastered on the wall of the reception area of your business, which looks really pretty, but no-one in the organisation understands or feels passionate about. Vision is something people must be able to easily see and connect with.

I recently worked with the Information Technology department at one of the large universities in South Africa. They have had a really flowery and eloquent vision, which has been displayed throughout the corridors of the university for many years now. When we started the strategic planning session for 2013, I asked who knew what their vision for the future was. Only two people in the room had a vague idea of the content of the vision statement and even they did not feel that it had any meaning for them.

After exploring what they really saw as important for the future, which was to become a real value adder, to their students and the community at large, delivering top quality students and internationally recognised research in the Information Technology arena. We created a pictorial representation of what that meant to them. This pictorial representation was made of various analogies and pictures which allowed them to all grasp exactly what was required of them. This picture of possibility, will also serve to allow them to easily communicate this picture to all the other stakeholders in the university. The feedback from the university has been extraordinary. Everyone now understands the vision and most importantly their role in delivering the vision.

Creating your Vision

Action Idea: Get clarity around exactly what you want to create in your business in the future. Then invest time with your team to get their input towards, understanding of and buy-in, to this vision. Now all that is left to do is to convert this into understandable pictures and phrases, which your team can comprehend and most importantly one they feel committed towards using. To make this work in the long term, it is important to consistently remind your team about the vision and their commitment towards it.


Work with your team to convert your vision and mission into understandable and achievable goals. These goals must be easy to understand, written down and each team member must clearly comprehend their individual responsibility to deliver on the organisations goals. The way to make this process really work requires you to take the big picture and for you to break it back into smaller pieces, which individual team members can take action to achieve.

Each organisational or departmental goal must be broken back into individual projects or smaller bite size goals, which must then be allocated to individuals to achieve. These individuals must commit to a reasonable time frame to complete each project and they must create a set of measurement criterion, to measure their progress daily, weekly and monthly.

Action Idea: Each individual project must then be converted into action lists, which each individual can use daily to guide them on exactly what actions they need to take to achieve each project. These action lists are the input documents each team member uses to drive their daily activities.

Make it Fun and Don’t Give Up until you Succeed

To successfully fulfil all your business goals, requires consistent and persistent effort on the part of every team member. So if you want to make the journey more pleasant and sustainable, find ways to create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and real deep passion around this process. When you do this, it changes the concept of that dirty four letter word called work, into something people enjoy, is fulfilling and something everyone will eagerly want to participate in doing daily.

I know it sounds counter intuitive, where you make work fun, but when you can find creative ways to make your team members enjoy their work every day, they become far more passionate and driven to deliver their best. Many organisations such as Zappos shoes, Caribou Coffees and Google have introduced the concept of fun in the workplace. They encourage people to enjoy their work daily. As you know all these businesses have shown exponential growth since they opened their doors for business.

Making this work in your Business

Action Idea: Introducing fun as a concept in the workplace is not as simple as walking in one day and telling everyone they must have fun at work. It is a long term investment into creating a new culture, where people feel empowered to deliver their best and are encouraged to enjoy the process. This can only happen in an environment of openness, support and understanding. So to start the process, you need to ensure that everyone understands the vision, their role in delivering it and they must be supported and encouraged to be autonomous, master their abilities and enjoy the process.

Make Time Available

Each team member must be allowed to be at the helm of their own job and commit to implement their part in achieving the overall plan daily. They must be supported and encouraged to take inspired action daily, which will help the team achieve the desired results. To do this, they will need a system to make them both effective and efficient. This means that each team member will need a system to help them manage their time, activities and energy productively.

Action Idea: The first and most crucial element, when introducing a system to support your team to become effective, must ensure that they are clear on exactly what actions need to be taken. Once each team member is certain that they are taking the right actions, introduce a system which allows them to improve their efficiency, or in other words one that allows them to allocate how they will utilise their available time daily. The system you introduce must be flexible and must be suitable to support each team member’s unique circumstances. Allowing them to allocate time to their top priorities, whilst ignoring time wasting things, which do not serve their purpose or fit in with the overall vision.

Whatever Gets Measured Gets Done

When on the path to achieving your organisational goals, you will need to have consistent and regular checks, to ensure that you and your team remain on track. Each team members commitment towards monitoring their progress on a regular and frequent basis, will allow them to constantly measure their daily actions, to see if they are delivering the desired results. Should the individual or collective actions not be aligned with where you want to go, you can quickly change or improve them to ensure that you eventually do achieve the desired results. When each team member monitors their actions daily, the team leaders monitor the their teams activities weekly and the organisation monitors their progress monthly, it means that only small corrections are necessary to ensure that everyone stays on track

Action Idea: During the planning process, ensure that each team member’s goals or projects are time defined and their progress is easy to measure. Each team member, department and organisation needs to have a predetermined set of measurement criterion to help them regularly measure their individual and collective progress.

Have Fun

If you want to invite sustainable long term success into your business, then you and your team must commit to have fun and deliver your best every day. Encourage them to look at their own mirror of assessment and to enjoy what they do. When everyone commits to the businesses’ success and they take bold focused and prioritised actions every day, success is inevitable. This daily commitment to take the right inspired action daily will make you and your team unstoppable.

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About the Author

Hi my name is Andrew Horton; I am an inspirational Speaker, Master Teacher, Radio and TV Host, Global Traveler and Author. My area of focus is in the field of human behavior, expanded awareness and enlightenment. I travel the planet constantly researching, learning and seeking ways to unlock the mysteries of the human mind. I delve into the inner workings of the universe, always looking for ways to understand my role in making things better and contributing to the improvement of the human experience. Please visit my website to sign up for a daily inspirational message by following this link Daily Inspirational Message. This is your daily call to action, a reminder to do things better each day. Visit my website at

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