How to use WinRAR to extract your files

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WinRAR is a great tool for extracting files from their compressed formats. In this article I will walk you through the steps of downloading a copy o WinRar for yourself, installing it on your computer and extracting a .RAR file.

Step 1:  Visit to download your own copy of the software

Step #2: Click on the Blue Download WinRar Button

Step 3: A window will open asking you to “Save File”. Click on “Save File”

Step 4: Once the file has downloaded to your computer open the file.

Step 5: Once the program has been installed on your computer. Locate the .rar file that you wish to extract its content. Right click on the file and then press “Extract to: “. This will cause the file to extract itself into its own folder. 

STEP 6: Wait for all files to be extracted

STEP 7: You now have access to all the files that were in the .rar folder. 

I hope this quick how to guide has helped you properly extract your files. This article only looks at installing WinRar onto a PC. If you wish to know how to install WinRar into a MAC please let me know and I will create another article just for that.

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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