Passwords: Use them to protect your information

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I am sitting here reading an article on how it takes 18 minutes to hack an iPhone. After further reading I found out that using a brute force attack (trying different password) any 4 digit pin can be hacked in 18 minutes. This got me thinking what I can do to better protect my important information as well as help my clients protect their information. After some searching I found out a couple of thing you can do help protect your information:

  • 1) Make the password at least 6 characters (8 characters is best)
  • 2) Make sure the password contains upper case and lower case letters and numbers
  • 3) Do not share your passwords with anyone
  • 4) Change your password every couple of months

These are all suggestions you have probably heard before but they are all true. A password of 8 characters which is a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers can take 18,000 years to hack. People always complain that they have too many passwords to remember and that it can be difficult to remember them all. This causes people to pick passwords that are really easy to hack such as a child or pets name or even worse having them written on a piece of paper that they leave right in front of the computer. Think of your computer passwords as locking up your house; when you leave your home you always ensure to lock up before you leave. If you didn’t lock your house you are leaving it vulnerable to people coming in and stealing your possessions and personal information. So why would you not use passwords to protect the information on your computer?

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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