The re-launch of Media Integraiton

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Hello everyone, it sure is great to be back!
Where have you been, you might ask yourself. I’ve been away at school. Since I opened Media Integration it has been none stop learning. There have been many highs and many lows but finally I am starting to see the light!

When I first started MI I was fresh off the employment line. For 8 years prior to starting MI I had worn various hats. I was a graphic designer, a web programmer, a website designer, a novice internet marketer, a DJ. The list goes on. So, when Media Integration was established I had many ideas that I wanted to tackle. Actually I had too many ideas and not enough time to implement them all.  My biggest problem was, I wanted everything now. I realize that I should have taken it a bit slower but I don’t regret it.

The story of my first year of business

In the first year of business, I was building my own software that I was planning on selling to my audience but after months of work I dumped the entire project. The software was supposed to be an all-in-one online business management tool that was going to help small business keep their entire online business centralized. The purpose of the software was to combine the ability to control the content of a website, create blog articles, create email campaigns and show full analytics of the entire online business.

So what happened?

Time happened. You have to understand that I was building this software on my own. Usually when you build a complicated piece of software like what I was developing, there is a team of developers to give you a hand or at least another programmer on your side. My problem was money and time. I was broke and time wasn’t on my side so I dumped it after 6 months of development.

So there I was 6 months down the drain what was I going to do? I started to search online for software like the one I was creating. I thought maybe just maybe someone else had already developed something similar to mine that I could start using. Sure enough after a few weeks of searching and testing I found it! Adobe came through for me and I was able partner with them and start using their awesome software Business Catalyst. This software was exactly what I needed.

Fast forward to today!

Now in my second year of business, I have been growing my client list and service offerings. I also re-designed my entire website and placed all of my marketing focus to helping small business succeed online. I do this by providing my clients a fully loaded online business management system that will handle a business website, manage customers, take online orders and build visibility through the blog module.

On the social media aspect of Media Integration, you will see more and more blog articles written to help small business succeed online.

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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