The Sneeze principal AHHH-CHOOO!!!!

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Gesundheit! The sneeze principal is a very crucial lesson to learn in social media and I go over it here. Don’t worry you won’t catch anything other than a little MI Education.

Ok enough with the cheesy jokes, the sneeze principal just like a real sneeze helps you spread your content and keep on spreading. Here is how it works; any social media medium gives its audience the basics. You are able to watch a video, read an article or see some other form of content. The beauty of social media is that all social media lets you sneeze: that is, a visitor can indicate that they agree or better yet disagree  with that content by leaving a comment, posting a bookmark, checking an “I’m a fan” check box or doing something else. You may have noticed that I said “or better yet disagree” I will touch on this at the end of this article. Now back to the sneeze principal.

That is the sneeze effect: When a visitor(s) comes into the social network and they comment, agree/disagree, become a fan etc they are sneezing the content to the rest of their network of friends and associates. Then the process happens again, the new visitor(s) will see the content and sneeze the content again.

Here is an example:

I watch a hilarious video on YouTube and then share that video on FaceBook. I have a reach of over 100 contacts on FaceBook and they all see the video. Now here is the sneeze principal at work. Let’s say that a group of them really like the video and then share it with their friends. They each have 40-400 friends on their network. Those new eyes may like what they see and then they sneeze the content again. As you can see in a matter of hours, this one video post has been sneezed to thousands of visitors.

It is not as easy as it sounds, but if you understand the sneeze principle, you understand why social media can be so powerful.

Now back to my pervious comment “or better yet disagree”. The reason why is said “or better yet disagree” is simple. When you have someone disagreeing with you this opens the doors for a discussion or a debt to occur. The more people in that conversation the more traffic and authority you will have around whatever the topic is. So to have disagreement you open a conversation and isn’t that what social media is about?

Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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