Things Any Receptionist Should Have at the Front Desk

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As a receptionist, you are more than just someone who takes phone calls and dictates notes. In fact, you could be considered the nucleus of your office, the nerve center that makes sure everything runs efficiently. And it is for good reason; the phone calls and messages go through you, and in many cases you help the bosses and employees stay on track. As a result, there are a few things you will need to remain focused, listed below.

Pens and Paper

The most important thing for any receptionist is to communicate effectively and deliver messages quickly. Functioning ink pens help get that job done, along with a notepad or message book. That is because she (or he) is required to take note of anyone who called or stopped by the office. Many notepads come with individual strips that the receptionist can tear out and give to any employee who needs it. While modern technology allows one to also send emails or “instant messages”, the traditional ink pens and paper comes in handy. In the case of a message book, most come with carbon slips to show proof the receptionist indeed wrote a message down.

Other Office Supplies

While pens are always a good option for any receptionist, there are other office supplies to also keep in mind. For example, whether you work in an accounting office or a general setting, you never know when someone will need a calculator to crunch the numbers. Same goes for other items like scissors, highlighter pens, rulers, etc. While it seems like the primary job is to take phone calls, the description goes way beyond that. Again, you are the “nerve center” of the office, so you should help others in a time of need, even if it is something simple like providing a pair of scissors.

Cleaning Supplies

You should try to maintain a tidy work space, not to mention a clean one. While your building likely has an after-hours cleaning crew, it does not hurt to help make their job easier by cleaning up your space. Disinfecting wipes often come in handy, as they contain chemicals to help kill bacteria. You could also use glass cleaner depending on if you have any windows or glass surfaces.

For personal hygiene, keep hand sanitizer, moistened hand napkins, and tissues are all good to help prevent the spread of sicknesses like cold or even flu viruses.

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