Three Reasons Why People Fail

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Author: James Foster

Success isn’t something that neither is elusive nor is there really any ‘secret’ to success. When you think about why you’re not successful or if you’re reading about someone that is successful and you wish you were like them don’t ask yourself why or how.

Those two answers will come later. Focus on your spiritual-self first. Focus on that person who is deep down inside of you because that person is the one running the show that you call your life.

If you want to succeed think about how you can communicate to your spirit-self your desires and ambitions because even though your spirit-self is running the show it must do what you request.

The first of the top three reasons why people fail is because they don’t have a plan on how to communicate with their spirit-self.

What you want can manifest in your life for the reason that all things are possible, but you must know how to communicate your request to your spirit-self.

One of the ways to convey your desires to your spirit-self is to write them down with pen and paper, the old fashioned way. Put your goals and your dreams on paper and you’ll see that something magical happens.

It’s almost as if an acceptance occurs, or a concurrence with that thing that is inside of you that’s called your spirit-self. Furthermore, when you write your desires on paper you’re directly communicating what you want to your higher-self who has no limits and knows no bounds.

The second top reason why most people fail is that they don’t persist and they don’t keep pushing forward quitting when they are just a few yards from the finish line. So persistence is critical when you’re striving to reach a goal. Don’t stop no matter what happens and eventually what you want will come to pass.

Your spirit-self requires time in order to make your desire a reality. Events have to be arranged and coordinated so be patient and have faith knowing that your spirit-self is working in conjunction with you and those around you in order to help you get what you want.

And lastly, the third top reason why people fail is because they lose sight of their goals. They become complacent and accustomed to living life a certain way and will actually stop thinking and acting towards what they want because they know it will lead to change.

If you want to succeed remember that you must learn how to properly communicate with your spirit-self and don’t stop taking action towards your goals. Be persistent and always keep your goal in front of you at all times.

Here is to your destiny,


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Victor Chuma

Victor Chuma

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