Why we use Email marketing

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Author: alisha singh

Today, in the digital world, nothing delivers results as the Email Marketing software. It is fashionable as Facebook and not as sexy as the iPhone, but without a doubt is the most powerful and effective tool for marketers today.

More and more companies of all sizes and items that use this powerful tool to get an economical, effective, quick and measurable to their customers, both in Colombia and in the world.

The Email Marketing software is the backbone of any digital communication. In some cases, the only means of communication used by some companies in Latin America today.
Why Email Marketing software Works

1. Build trust: People open emails from people you know and trust. That is the key to successful email marketing softawre strategy, achieve win the trust of its customers and that happens to be known, so mutual.

2. It is more effective: It is a very effective in driving traffic Online (Web Site) or Offline (to your store or outlets) and also build a relationship with them over time, generating loyalty and trust. Because we can generate track and know who and how many opened their email marketing campaign, read, clicked and where, we know what motivates them and what deters you perform an action that previously defined as desired.

3. Start the conversation: Generally, all channels of communication to which one is accustomed to generate communications in your company, products and services are just one way.
The Email Marketing software by contrast, open dialogue, generating the confidence to maintain a relationship over time.

4. Generate more and better sales: Unlike any media, email marketing software generated in the short term, increase sales and further enhances average selling because it can communicate offers targeted to those who believed in his company in the past, ie existing customers.

5. Educate customers: Unless your product is a commodity, ie has nothing to do one, you can achieve real competitive advantages to educate customers on the value and differentiation of its products against its main competitors Marketing through email. The more you can educate your customers, you can add more value to your brand, becoming positioned as the industry benchmark in which it participates, as a real authority on the subject.

6. Keeps your brand in the Top of Mind: As you begin to build a relationship with your customers by sending communication value consistently over time, they will in turn, including its brand in a place of your brain . On the other hand we know that people buy when they are ready to do so. Your job then is to try to convince them when they need it, but build relationships and conversations, as well, when you are ready on the Top of Mind.

7. Get immediate results: The Email Marketing software can reach a lot of people in a very short time. No other means of communication that allows rapid entry directly to consumers in such a direct, immediate and effective.

Once arrived in the mail box each of your customers, you may be getting results immediately.

8. Save time and money: Being a powerful tool in a short time, makes her an immediate, effective and efficient.

But not only saves time since their reception is immediate, but also produces actions, sends information and generates response to highly effective actions automatically with definitions and process designed only once.

9. If permission is better!!: If you are sending emails to many recipients never indicated a desire or interest to receive your communications, you are generating spam. This means sending unwanted communication or never gave permission for you.

By doing that you are not generating good marketing, contrary are damaging your brand through the hassle of people who do not want to receive what you send them, and is damaging its reputation as sender address which ultimately make emails are delivered, the ISP (Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail).

10. It is more economical: The campaigns generated hereby are cheaper than any other means of communication, whether online or offline.

But more important than that is that it generates in return according to the investment generated.

The Email Marketing software generates a return for every dollar invested, $ 43 dollars. No other medium can show this figure.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-tips-articles/why-we-use-email-marketing-6325832.html

About the Author

This article is brought to you by Alisha,AwebDesk’s user education manager. AwebDesk provides live chat software and email marketing software in which you can empower your customers with all newsletter software features. Now live help softwares have GEOIP & social media integration.

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